Nematic Gallery: A Journey of Creativity and Innovation

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9/14/20233 min read

"Go into business like your uncle Bill and make lots of money.”

Grandma Eleanor Nolan advised 16 year old Craig back in 1992.

Instead, Craig chose a different path. He became a pastor and dedicated 22 years to running a non-profit. Today, he's leading Nematic Gallery, where it's not just about money but about rewriting the rules of the art world.

But his journey has been marked by lessons about money and deals that impacted both his family and the artists he holds dear. He came to Carmel to disrupt and rewrite the rules of the art world.

Uncle Bill Gross Picasso Story: A Tale of Art and Identity

Craig’s uncle, Bill Gross who is widely known as the bond king and founder of PIMCO, one of the world's largest bond management firms., a resident of Pebble Beach, found himself embroiled in a captivating divorce saga. At the center of it all was a Picasso painting. Bill and his then-wife, Sue Gross, had planned to determine the fate of this valuable piece through a simple coin flip. However, Sue had other plans; she exercised her prerogative as “the artist in the family.”

The painting, titled "Le Repos," held more than just financial value. It was a piece of history, depicting the tumultuous relationship between Picasso and his young muse. What was initially intended to be a coin flip took a surprising turn when Sue replaced the original painting with a skillfully crafted replica she had painted herself. This audacious move led to a legal battle, but it also underscored the notion that art isn't just property; it's a piece of one's identity. It's this very notion that inspired Nematic Gallery to reimagine art ownership and share it with you, the art lovers and collectors of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

In August 2023, Nematic Gallery opened its doors in the enchanting town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, marking the genesis of a transformative era in art. Logan-Miles Allison, known as The Heart Hatter, unveiled his enthralling masterpiece, "Imperfectly Perfect," an artwork that swiftly became the lifeblood of our gallery. Logan was one of 15 artists who launched Nematic Gallery, and he played a significant role as our featured resident, hosting him in town for 40 days.

His contributions culminated in the creation of "The Wall," an art installation that stands as a symbol of transformation and dialogue. Logan's connection with Patrice Pastor and his generous gesture of leaving the "Heart Hatter" piece for the city of Carmel further exemplify the spirit of our gallery.

Logan-Miles Allison, son of Jay Allison, a titan in the oil and gas industry as Chairman and CEO of Comstock Resources, exemplified a journey that defied convention. It personified the potency of individuality, passion, and purpose, veering from the corporate legacy to embrace the boundless canvas of creativity.

Present: A Confluence of Tradition and Innovation

Today, Nematic Gallery stands as a juncture where tradition meets innovation. Our unwavering commitment to Carmel and its artists is clear. Our objective is lucid: to metamorphose into a multi-artist gallery, owned and steered by the very artists who birth inspiration.

"The Wall," a testament to transformation and dialogue through art, is our interactive installation opening this Friday through October 3, 2023, crafted in collaboration between Craig Rose and Logan Miles, it symbolizes Carmel's metamorphosis into an artist's utopia, beckoning you to be an architect of its future.

Nematic Gallery doesn't construct walls; it bridges connections. Our immersive experiences and thought-provoking installations invite you to be an integral part of our voyage. Together, we venerate the might of individuality, creativity, and community.

Our Unique Approach: A Fusion of Digital and Traditional Art

At Nematic Gallery, we're not merely altering the trajectory of art sales; we're reshaping the essence of art itself.

Our inaugural journey celebrated the convergence of avant-garde technology with the timeless narratives of artistry. We showcased digital masterpieces, sculptures, paintings, and more, perpetually blurring the confines of artistic expression. We chose an exclusive digital partner, MakersPlace, based on their $69 million achievement by selling the world's first NFT artwork through Christie's, redefining the landscape of the art world a few years back, and Craig's interactions with their team.

What's Next? Nematic Gallery: Owned by Artists, for Artists

We are looking at all our options as we signed a long term lease on the space and are orchestrating a transition from Craig and Daisy Rose owning the gallery into a multi-artist gallery, operated and possessed by the artists themselves. Within our enclave, art enthusiasts and creators congregate to witness the birthing of creativity, interact with their adored artists, and illuminate their own work. So much more to come on this but stay tune as Nematic celebrates month #1 in the books and is floored for all that is next. If you are interested in participating with us in this vision please reach out at 831.999.0114 or