Nematic Canvas & Chronicles: Carmel Art Walk with Craig Rose

This curated art walk through Carmel-by-the-Sea, hosted by Craig Rose at 4:20 PM, invites you to explore a fusion of creativity and innovation. Join us for a stroll intertwining art, 420 friendly, and stories of revolutionizing the art world. Experience the vibrant art scene in Carmel. $42 per person.

The Future is Bright!

Dear Chris ( Carmel Pine Cone)

I trust this message finds you well. In response to your inquiry about my journey in Carmel and upcoming projects, I'm thrilled to share the transformative experiences and visionary projects that are shaping the artistic renaissance in our beloved town.

Dos Rosas Gallery: A Fusion of Art, Vintage, and Events

In response to the changing dynamics in Carmel, Daisy Rose and I have joined forces to rebrand the Daisy Rose Gallery into the Dos Rosas Gallery. This small 800-square-feet space, located in the back of where Nematic once stood, is a collaborative offering that reflects our shared passion for art and community. Daisy Rose, a Mexican American artist of indigenous descent, brings a rich heritage of medicine women and nahuales, creating a gallery that serves as a haven for the natural world, the female form, and womanhood. This fusion of art, vintage clothing, and events embodies the spirit of Dos Rosas, enriching Carmel's artistic fabric. Explore Dos Rosas Gallery.

Inside-Out Art Gallery with Alex Shchebetart

In collaboration with Alex Shchebetart, we're taking art to unexpected places. An inside-out art gallery next to City Hall promises to bring an eclectic mix of international and local artists to Carmel, breaking traditional boundaries. Read More.

Innovative Art Experiences with Khuong Nguyen

Partnering with Khuong Nguyen, a senior AI/ML software engineering manager, we aim to bring innovative art experiences and installations through his photo studio mixed with AI. Currently seeking the perfect location for this exciting venture. Follow

Take Me To The Light - "Take Me to the Light" at Dos Rosas Gallery

One of the standout installations from Nematic, the "Take Me to the Light" room, is set to become its own experience in Carmel. This therapeutic journey blends art, technology, and holistic well-being at Dos Rosas Gallery, where visitors can immerse themselves in the distinct benefits of light, sound, and sauna. Eventually, "Take Me to the Light" will transition to its dedicated space.

"Embark on a transformative experience with 'Take Me to the Light' at Dos Rosas Gallery, an installation by Nematic that is set to transcend its confines and blossom into a unique journey in Carmel. This immersive venture seamlessly blends art, technology, and holistic well-being, inviting visitors to indulge in the distinctive benefits of light, sound, and sauna at the gallery. As 'Take Me to the Light' evolves, it will now find its home at Dos Rosas Gallery.

Simultaneously, we're excited to announce the birth of a new holistic haven in Carmel – Magpie Mystics. Spearheaded by Momma J, a visionary in holistic well-being, Magpie Mystics will be a store dedicated to aligning mind, body, and spirit. Momma J, with her background in medical intuition, will curate an array of experiences at Magpie Mystics, integrating cutting-edge technology with ancient practices.

In this endeavor, we are thrilled to collaborate with Dan Harden from Whipsaw Design to bring the Ajna Light to the masses. This innovative tool, designed for therapists, offers intentional Light Self Therapy (iLST), enriching Carmel's artistic and holistic landscape. Together with Momma J's vision, Magpie Mystics will offer a diverse range of experiences, from the Ajna Light and sound beds and an ancient ritual sauna. This collective venture will incorporate elements from Momma J's daughter's herbal line and other holistic offerings, creating a space where mind, body, and spirit harmoniously converge.

Dan Harden: A Fusion of Artistry Inside Dos Rosas and Beyond

Our collaboration with Dan Harden, the visionary CEO and founder of Whipsaw Design, extends beyond the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. Inside Dos Rosas, you'll find a curated collection of Dan Harden's art, offering a glimpse into his unique blend of innovative design and artistic vision. This collaboration is not confined to Dos Rosas alone; plans are in motion to make Dan Harden's art available around town, creating a dynamic synergy between art and wellness. Looking toward the future, Craig envisions building a dedicated Dan Harden Gallery or Museum in town, a space that will further showcase and celebrate the intersection of innovative design and visionary art. Read more -

Rose For Renaissance:

Lastly, I'm excited to share that I'm running for mayor with the vision of revitalizing Carmel and making it a thriving community for all. Join me in this campaign for a renaissance in Carmel's future.

Craig Rose is dedicated to revitalizing Carmel and making it a thriving community for all. A wave of transformation is on the horizon for Carmel, and it begins with Craig Rose. Announcing the launch of his mayoral campaign and the unveiling of the campaign's official site, Craig is poised to ignite Carmel's tomorrow starting today.

Who is Craig Rose?

Craig Rose, is not just a gallery owner — he is a passionate advocate for Carmel's arts and its potential for transformative change. His determination to redefine the art landscape was evident as he introduced the avant-garde concept of Phygital art, seamlessly integrating digital and physical art experiences at Nematic and Daisy Rose Galleries.

Why is Craig Running for Mayor?

Craig Rose's journey in Carmel has been marked by challenges and a vocal stance on key issues. From speaking up for developer Patrice Pastor to calling for a "clean sweep" in the spirit of Clint Eastwood, Craig is committed to elevating Carmel's artistic identity. His recent endeavors have led him to become a familiar face at the Carmel City Council meetings, consistently challenging the status quo and advocating for necessary changes in leadership.

The Rose for Renaissance Campaign: Igniting Carmel's Tomorrow Today!

The Rose for Renaissance campaign is not just about a mayoral bid; it's a call to action for Carmel residents to own the ballot. Craig invites everyone to add their names to the positions up for election next November, ensuring that no one runs unopposed. The campaign tagline, "Igniting Carmel's Tomorrow Today," encapsulates Craig's vision for a dynamic, inclusive, and progressive Carmel.

Craig Rose is not merely a gallery owner but a passionate advocate for Carmel's arts and its potential for transformative change. His outspoken advocacy extends beyond the art world, as he now announces his candidacy for the position of Mayor in the upcoming election on November 5, 2024.

To facilitate this transition, Craig Rose and the Nematic team are in the process of signing over the original Nematic gallery space to one amazing talented artist who will launch a whole new experience in the Nematic space in February of 2024. Dos Rosas Gallery, led by Daisy Rose herself, will persist across from the new Toro dining room behind Nematic. Moreover, visionary artist Alex Shchebet is set to launch Carmel's first-ever inside-out gallery, creating a dynamic space for artistic expression.

As Carmel anticipates a renaissance in its artistic landscape, Craig Rose's mayoral candidacy is poised to lead this transformation. His commitment to fostering local talent, pushing boundaries in the art world, and advocating for a more inclusive and progressive Carmel positions him as a formidable force for positive change.

Best regards,

I shared a bit about the future online:

Best Regards,

Craig Rose


Exciting Unveiling of Inside-Out Art Gallery Proposal and Clint Eastwood Artifact at Carmel City Council Meeting.


Daisy Rose is an artist with a deep affinity for nature, the body, and the journey of womanhood.

In her piece “Mujer” she sought to capture the connection that exists between women’s bodies and nature. This piece was born as a symbol, not only to serve as a personal reminder for Daisy herself but also as an invitation to all who gaze upon it.

It is an invitation to remember that all bodies are whole, pure, and natural.

Showing September 15- EXTENDED

The Wall

The Wall" serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the strength of community collaboration. It is the brainchild of Nematic Gallery's visionary founder, Craig Rose, and emerging artist Logan Miles. Together, they have embarked on a mission to address an issue that resonates deeply with the people of Carmel—the fate of the "concrete Art Wall" on Dolores street.

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