Nightly Light Experience Pop-Up with Momma J Medicine

Illuminate Your Journey to Clarity and Insight with the Ajna Light Experience

11/28/20231 min read

Nightly Light Experience Pop-Up with Momma J Medicine

Welcome to my Nightly Light Experience, a unique opportunity for relaxation and gaining personal insights. I invite you to join either my complimentary group sessions or experience a more personalized journey through an individual session.

What I Offer:

Free Nightly Group Sessions: I host these 11-minute sessions every evening at 7, 8, and 9 PM. They provide a space for community, relaxation, and insight, all at no cost. Each night from November 27th-December 7th I will be inside Nematic. No registration needed, just show up.

Personalized Individual Sessions: I also oer 60-minute individual sessions for $99, tailored for those seeking deeper relaxation, improved sleep, or a gentle, unique journey. Send text or call 626 808 3144.

Session Highlights:

Advanced Technology: In these sessions, I use LED lights that flicker at specific frequencies, aiming to aid in your relaxation.

Benefits for Everyone: Whether you join a group or book a private session with me, you can expect a serene, peaceful experience.

Customized Experiences: Each individual session is specifically designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Come to my pop-up event for a chance to relax and gain personal insights. Whether you're part of our free group sessions or in a private one, it's a step towards peace and personal growth.

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● Call or Text: 626-808-3144

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