The Wall

The Wall" serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the strength of community collaboration. Showing from September 15- October 3rd.

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Nematic Gallery Presents "The Wall" – A Vibrant Exhibition Celebrating Civic Engagement and Artistic Dialogue in Carmel

Carmel, CA – September 15, 2023 – Nematic Gallery is proud to introduce its latest and most groundbreaking exhibition to date, "The Wall." This innovative and interactive art installation transcends the boundaries of artistic expression; it serves as a vibrant platform for open dialogue and civic engagement in the picturesque city of Carmel, California.

In the heart of Carmel, there stands a seemingly ordinary concrete art wall located at the corner of 7th and Dolores. This wall has become more than just a physical structure; it has evolved into a symbol of discussion and deep reflection within the community. Known for its commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Nematic Gallery has taken up the mantle of hosting "The Wall" to ignite profound conversations and to amplify the voices of Carmel's residents and cherished visitors alike.

The heartwarming tale unfolded during the September 12th Carmel City Council meeting, where the fate of the wall hung in the balance. It was a pivotal moment, a turning point in Carmel's history. Craig and Logan were present, standing as champions of art and community.

The decision was truly unexpected, a unanimous 5-0 vote that designated the wall as historic. For some, it was a shocking turn of events. The council had been shown images of a wall that resembled a work of art, but Craig and Logan had visited the site personally. To their eyes, it was evident that a visible planter box now occupied the space where parts of the wall had been removed. It was no longer the pristine masterpiece it may have once been.

At the end of the emotional meeting, some analogies were drawn to the Mona Lisa; removing a piece of it would forever alter its essence. Similarly, some believed that the wall, though a relic of its time, had now become a concrete eyesore, obstructing the public's view and losing its status as a true work of art.

Yet, amid the fervor and passionate discussions, heartening gestures emerged. Heart Hatter extended his gift of the "Imperfectly Perfect" to the community. Craig offered a solution that showcased his deep reverence for art. He suggested that parts of the wall could find a new home within the Nematic Gallery, where they could be preserved and celebrated as genuine works of art.

Your vote counts. This sentiment echoed in the hearts of many, including those who attended the Planning Commission meeting the following evening. There, attendees saw a stark contrast. The Commission listened intently to the city's residents, considering their perspectives and concerns. However, the elected officials at the earlier City Council meeting seemed to have disregarded the public's voice.

Craig, an advocate for art and community spirit, voiced his disbelief at the need to redo the plans. He saw it as an unnecessary obstacle to progress. Patrice, representing Esperanza Carmel, has previously expressed his concerns, hinting at the potential halt of future developments in Carmel if this issue remained unresolved.

In a nation that was once divided over the construction of a wall during a presidential election, Carmel now finds itself entangled in a different debate. Some argue that Carmel is being misled about the wall's historic status. They contend that it is not historic, especially after parts of it have been removed and can easily be relocated.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time the wall's historic status has been debated. Two previous votes deemed it not historic. Yet, here we are, faced with a unanimous decision that paints a different picture.

During the Council meeting, there were claims made about rocks on the wall being embedded in the concrete on the ground. However, Craig and Logan now possess video evidence that debunked this assertion, revealing that it was gum on the ground, not rocks.

Craig and Logan are actively seeking a minimum of 500 votes within the next three weeks to present to the council on October 3rd. Everyone is invited to Nematic Gallery to view the wall installation, experience the art, and cast their vote in person or online below.

Your voice matters, Carmel. Come to Nematic Gallery, visit the art installation, and make your voice heard. Your vote counts.

PS: The council meeting wasn't just about "The Wall." There was also a heated discussion regarding the increasing presence of cell towers in our town. Craig raised concerns about the impact of 5G on trees, while another resident passionately advocated for "flowers, not towers." Craig also mentioned Patent number 11,107,588,B2 and its relationship to Pfizer and the cell towers. Stay tuned for more updates and show up to these meetings to protect Carmel

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